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About You

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After 35 years one would suppose there is much to say about us, but describing the essence of Maxwell & Co requires only one word: YOU. Maxwell & Co is not about US...Maxwell & Co is about YOU.

Since April 14, 1984 our daily passion has been to delight you with our collections of hand-selected clothing and accoutrements. Season after season, our effort is to ensure that Maxwell & Co remains a place, THE PLACE, to find alluring, uncommon and useful items of uncompromised beauty, intrigue, make and design. Our intention has never been to be purposely forward or traditional, luxurious or simple. To us, you are not a are an expression.

Working diligently with designers, we are relentless in expressing our opinion on personal details and insisting on exclusive models and fabrics expressly for Maxwell & Co (meaning YOU). Teetering between exhilaration and exhaustion we comb the market in search of items and concepts that will not only contribute to your wardrobe, but expand your personal statement. Items found perhaps in a small factory in Italy, on a remote Island off the coast of Ireland, or in the main collection of a well-known designer... it is our sincere hope that you, in turn, will discover them for yourself through us.

The concept of shopping on a phone or computer by wading through pages and pages of individual, disconnected items is beginning to feel to us, as much on its way out, as on its way to the future. We are certain that you are better served by creative touch, honest opinions, exquisite tailoring, and heart-felt service. So in place of “pages of items” online shopping, our newest website will propose an ongoing presentation of our own curated seasonal looks and provide an extensive offering of clothing-concierge services. To satisfy your itch for a little Buy Now...we will, from time to time, present the behind the scenes design and creation story of select, extraordinary items and collections, making them available to you for exclusive online purchase.

From deep beneath our left shirt pocket, we want to express a warm and fitting thank YOU for choosing us. We created Maxwell & Co to be ABOUT YOU.

    With Kind and Warm Regards,

    Dan and Lori Maxwell
…and all of us at Maxwell & Co.